Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

“You're gonna be able to help him, won't you?” Says it all, really. EJ is the one Sami trusts to take care of everything. And warming up to Jawn, huh? Not the only DiMera you should be appreciating, Sami, especially when he looks so fine in his demonic suit.

Brady who?

That’s right, wait until the most opportune moment to make your dashing entrance. It’s a lot easier to eavesdrop on Lumi here than the apartments, eh?

“Here, my part's already signed. Have a nice life.” Completely ignoring silly real world issues like a legal annulment being different from a church annulment, this impacting EJ’s immigration visa, and so on and so forth, I’m glad how quickly and harshly EJ handled this. It’s what Sami thinks she wants, and even though she browbeat EJ into marrying her to end the feud, she still blames him for it. Annulling their marriage doesn’t remove an unfair advantage for EJ, it removes the eight ball Sami’s put him behind.

“I recognize you from your photograph in the paper.” Of course you do, EJ! You love your paper. And Eva is a lot like Chelvis. Not bad.

“Lucas. . . you do want us to start over, don't you? I want us to have a future together. And if you want that, too, you just have to find a way to forgive me and move on.”
“Lucas, everything was so great with the twins. When we were playing with them, wasn't it just perfect?”
“There is nothing standing in our way now. You are the love of my life, but you seem to have some trouble believing that. Give me a chance to prove it. Please? Let me prove it to you.”
Oh, look. It’s every single conversation Lumi’s ever had. Talk about an infinite loop.

Out of the myriad of talents EJ has, one of the ones I am simply amazed by is EJ’s ability to flashback to events that he wasn’t even physically present for. He had already left the room by the time Sami signed the annulment papers, yet he’s able to recall it with complete clarity.

“I'm not giving up. Not giving up.” Good boy. I know how much it hurts, EJ. I know.

Grade: EJ’s demonic suit A, EJ B+, Eva B, Phloe B+, rest F. Seriously, Sami is choosing the loser convicted felon confined to house arrest over the awesome lawyer making the big bucks with his double and quadruple billing?! What color is the sky in your world, Days?

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