Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Jawn, you weirdo. That’s hilarious.

Nice outfits. EJ looks great as usual as you have to love the black, and I enjoy how Sami dresses up to be with him. And the cheesy porno music is back! Oh, yeah baby! I’ve missed you!

“You’re a DiMera.” Damn right she is EJ. And of course you have no problem living in your family’s mansion.

I love Sami and hate Marlena, so you can guess whose side I’m on here.

“The whole town knew about our J&M desk sex.”
“I didn’t.” Bwah! You didn’t have to fast forward through the incessant flashbacks on Tuesday.

“You’re having sex with Nicole, aren’t you?” Way to sugarcoat it with your mom right there, Sami.

Now what’s stupider here, that the DiMansion suddenly has a fax machine or that they are faxing the decision over? I’m torn. At least Immigration Dude is done and this part of the story is over.

“My cold dead hands!” Um, Sami, have you seen EJ? Don’t even bother. He is getting that paper.

“Don’t spoil the mood.” Champagne and shutting down Sami’s annulment talk? Someone is in charge today.

Grade: B+. Still too much J&M, but I like how Sami’s bad girl side is resurfacing and how EJ is playing her. We’re moving along.

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