Friday, May 9, 2008

So Much for Stealth

Apparently this showed up in Soap Opera Digest's Insider email mailing

Which suspiciously looks a lot like this

that I designed for our pro-Ejami postcard campaign.

The blurb that goes along with it is "DAYS's Sami and EJ are getting close and 'Ejami' fans are showing their support with glossy postcards, bearing pictures of the duo on their wedding day, smooching and holding hands." Is that what I was doing? I thought I was demonstrating EJ's complete acceptance of Sami's true self, but hey, close enough. Anyway, I find this rather hilarious. After all, there's nothing like your anonymous fan art featured in a soap opera magazine mass mailing email.

I'd like to thank Baremingal for doing the actual work involved here with getting people excited and sending out the postcards, and the GNU Image Manipulation Program aka GIMP that I used for the image composition. Take that, Photoshop.

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