Saturday, April 12, 2008

You're No Gray EJ

"Senator, I opened boxes with Gray EJ. I knew Gray EJ. Gray EJ was a friend of mine. Senator, that was no Gray EJ."

As we can unmistakably see from this chart of his attributes, EJ’s morality is independent of his tenacity. He can be good and strong, good and weak, evil and strong, or evil and weak as they are mutually exclusive traits.

The EJ we saw on Thursday settled down Nicole and Sami in order to avoid a scene, quietly listened to Sami talk about Eric, and nicely threatened Nicole. He was both good and strong as threatening those who menace his Samantha and possessing a backbone are not inherently evil traits but strength based attributes. He was a good guy with an edge, and looking over the possible EJ personalities in existence, there’s only one conclusion we can draw. The only EJ who fits both of those attributes is Summer EJ.

Summer EJ avoided public scenes with his Samantha and also pushed her when need be.

Summer EJ also threatened anyone who could do his Samantha harm:

EJ: “Listen, Austin, you're getting one hell of a wife.”
Dallas: “I know.”
EJ: “Treat her right. I will be watching you.”

Therefore, Summer EJ has clearly returned.

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