Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You Can Blame The One Before

A few nights later, Sami awakens to empty space beside her. Getting out of bed, she knows right where to look for her missing husband. As she enters the darkened kitchen, she sees EJ sitting at the table, dully staring off into space and rocking himself in his chair. Unnerved at the sight, Sami silently moves toward him and clears her throat before she speaks in order not to startle him.

Sami (kindly): “I see you couldn’t sleep.”

Wanting to be alone, EJ tilts his head and glares at her.

Sami (sitting down at the table next to him): “It’s okay. I’m here for you.”

EJ (sarcastically): “I can only imagine why.”

Sami (smiling): “Then get to it. I’m listening.”

EJ (snidely): “So you can hear about my wonderful DiMera childhood, and through telling you I come to some grand emotional epiphany and weep in your arms?”

Sami (annoyed): “Well, I was hoping we’d slowly work our way up to that point, but I’m serious, EJ.”

EJ (irritated): “So am I. Why you want to hear about my father raising me? What does it matter now?”

Sami (insistent): “Me? It’s obviously bothering you. You’re the one getting up in the middle of the night.”

EJ (shrugging): “Only because I never should have agreed to discuss it with you. But let’s say we go with your little theory, and I’m somehow troubled by what I’ve told you. Why? Why would my feelings come to the forefront now?”

Sami (considering): “Maybe with Stefano incapacitated it’s a safe time for your mind to think about it. For you to process it.”

EJ (dryly): “Pop psychology doesn’t suit you, darling. Leave that to your mother.”

Sami (imploring): “You’re my husband. We’re in this together. I want to help you. Just talk to me.”

EJ (challenging): “What do you want me to say? That he hit me? That he locked me in a suitcase? That he pumped me so full of drugs I couldn’t speak?”

Noticing the detail given in the last option, Sami clasps her hands around his and edges her body closer as she looks into his eyes.

Sami (openly): “Did he?”

The question asked, EJ stares back at her with an intensity that genuinely frightens her.

EJ (whispering): “Just go.”

Sami (imploring): “EJ.”

EJ roughly removes her hands from his and closes his eyes.

EJ (pleading): “Please leave.”

Sami opens her mouth to protest and almost immediately shuts it again. Ever so reluctantly deciding that pressing any harder could be dangerous, she stands up and exits the room, looking back at her husband and hanging on to the hope that he will share his memories with her when he is ready. After his wife has left, EJ slumps onto the table and puts his head in his hands.

EJ (to himself): “I am a good boy. I am a good boy. I am a good boy.”

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