Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008


“Is that what they're calling an entry-level job nowadays?” Well, you’d certainly know, wouldn’t you, Immigration Dude? Twenty plus years, and you’re still in one.

“When I have a job, I have incredible tenacity.” Oh, don’t we know it, EJ.

“What, all of a sudden you have a license to practice in this state?”
“Yeah, all the work I did for my father. You don't remember that?” No, I don’t, EJ, BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED. *cough* retcon *cough*

“I’m EJ Wells.” Considering how quickly James said this entire sentence, I think this actually might have been a slip by him, especially since EJ has said “EJ DiMera” the previous two times he’s introduced himself and Immigration Dude refers to him by that in this very episode. If so, it’s more than forgivable. If not, having two names works just fine for Hannah Montana. Hannah also rocks a wig, which Mickey might want to look into.

Hmm, Ejami went to the bathroom together. I wonder why. EJ holding Sami’s purse? No. Ejami celebrating the one year anniversary of Sami finding Toasty EJ? Nah. Ejami “freshening up” together? Oh yeah baby.

“I'm nothing like my father.” ROTFL, sure, Days. You keep on keepin’ on with that. And “It's not like I was her first choice of son-in-law.” Or Roman’s, or Sami’s, or the writers, or Corday, or NBC…

Grade: Better dialogue as I actually liked the antibiotic joke, and the writers are actually attempting to retcon somewhat thoughtfully. We’ll keep the A-.

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