Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your Favorite Deduction

Sami (nodding): "Okay, so I've got all my stuff from last year."

Sami dumps out a box with all kinds of papers on her couch. EJ raises an eyebrow.

EJ (dryly): "Your organizational skills are unparalleled."

Sami (brushing him off): "I'll get organized when I get audited. Anyway, so now that we're married, are we filing the 1040 long form jointly? I mean, you have investments and everything that we need to account for, right?"

EJ looks pensive.

Sami (shaking her head): "Don't tell me you want to do the 1040EZ form-how else are we supposed to get our deductions?"

EJ (contemplating): "Sweetheart, you know I'm not American. Do I even need to file?"

Sami (thinking): "Well, you earned income in this country, so I'm sure you do. But we can check"

EJ grabs Sami's hand as she turns to go get EJ's laptop.

EJ (innocently): "That's not all we need to check out."

EJ pulls Sami in for a long kiss, and Sami smiles at him afterward.

Sami (smiling): "Why don't we do this later?"

EJ grins.

EJ (raising an eyebrow): "I'm all about filing extensions."

More Ejami kisses.

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