Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

“And I better take the twins to see the doctor and the beautician and-”
“Sami, what part of ‘hiding from my evil criminal mastermind father’ don’t you understand?”

“Yes, me zipping up a suitcase is the highlight of the episode. What do you expect before sweeps?”

“Oh, don’t worry, Lucas. The show isn’t interesting over here either.”

“And you chose a nice wallpaper for your computer, and you’re good at parallel parking and…”

“Lucas is sharing a cell with STEFANO DIMERA!”
“You keep saying that name as if I am supposed to have some sort of horrified reaction to it when the man is my freaking father Maybe the extra emphasis would work if he was a vampire, but as is, knock it off.”

The Grade: Textbook filler. Remove this, and you’ve lost no plot advancement or character development. And no, the suitcase wasn’t cute enough to make up for that C-.

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