Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Still no outfit change? It’s official. This one day in Salem took nearly three weeks on screen.

Yeah, I can't watch this
Look, show, I can't watch this
You better bury Lumi
Before the ratings tank again
I can't watch this

“I'm sorry. This is just getting to me, too. Here, come on. I'm sure it's gonna be fine. It's gonna be fine.” Little moments like this are why Ejami is so compatible. Emotionally, they need reassurance, so EJ hugging Sami is very comforting for both of them. Highlight of the episode.


Ejami A-, rest F. The two seconds of Ejami were lovely. The rest? Not so much. Do I know that in Salem time Lumi broke up only two days ago? Yes, yes, I do. Do I care? No, no, I don’t. It’s not my fault time is wonky on the damn show. I don’t need to see more Lumi, and only on a soap could someone with Lucas’ criminal and substance abuse history have a shot at any sort of custody. He has no case-Stefano isn’t going to take Ali or Johnny. They’re not in Sami’s old crappy apartment anymore; they’re living in his mansion, exactly where he would want them to be in order to raise them as proper DiMeras. Seriously, Days, now that the excellent hospital crisis is over, you need to keep up the momentum. Hurry this stuff up. The ratings are just going to drop again if you don’t.

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