Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Was Dreaming

In the middle of the night, EJ is standing by the window in the DiMansion living room. Outside, the weather violently crashes against the walls of the building. Sami walks into the room and smiles as she sees him.

Sami (pleased): “Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one the storm woke up. I’m surprised the twins are sleeping through this when it’s so bad.”

EJ (as if he’s seeing the weather for the first time): “Really. I hadn’t noticed.”

Sami (surprised): “Of course you did. It couldn’t be louder.”

Sami stops as she sees EJ staring outside.

Sami (cautiously): “EJ?”

EJ turns his head and looks at her.

Sami (wondering): “If the storm didn’t wake you, then why are you up?”

EJ makes no move to answer. Sami joins him by the window and looks up at him.

Sami (impatiently): “Well?”

EJ considers Sami and smiles slightly.

Sami (when he doesn’t say anything): “You can tell me.”

EJ (wary): “Can I?”

Sami (honestly): “Yes.”

Choosing to take her at her word, EJ gently takes Sami’s arm and moves them away from the window. They both sit down on the couch.

EJ (with difficulty): “I was awake, Samantha…because I had a nightmare.”

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