Sunday, March 9, 2008

Crazy for You

Kate notices that Evil Crazy EJ is shielding something from her view.

Kate (looking behind EJ): "EJ? What have you got there?"

Evil Crazy EJ (gesturing in order to draw her attention away): "Nothing. How about I shoot the SUV again, eh?"

Kate shakes her head and inspects her vehicle as Evil Crazy EJ turns his attention towards his beloved.

Evil Crazy EJ (whispering): "What did I tell you, Samantha?! You have to hide from Kate! This won't work if she sees you!"

Samantha (apologetic): "I know, but I want to get married now! I don't love Lucas-I love you! With all my heart!"

Evil Crazy EJ (understanding): "I know you do, but we have to pretend, okay? So stay hidden, please."

Sami (giving in): "Alright. But I want to go shopping later when we have some alone time, okay?"

Evil Crazy EJ (lighting up): "Certainly, darling."

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