Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Oh, yippie, it’s the Pub again. At least EJ’s looking nice.
“I have found a way to force Victor’s hand.” A violent way, perhaps? Please?
“It’s not that I’ve forgotten-it’s that I’m not interested because of my feelings for Samantha.” Exactly, EJ. Nicole needs to move on.
“I really appreciate your honesty. I’ll keep it in mind.” Let’s not and say we did, shall we?
“I can trust you, right?” EJ, you’ve already said several times that you can’t!
“Pinky swear?” Oh, man. You know, I just don’t care anymore. You two amuse yourselves. I’ll be here daydreaming about Evil EJ pressing Nicole’s face into a hot waffle iron.

“Don’t mind me-this is all set up for Monday’s episode.”

Grade: D-. Ejole, you try my patience, you really do. Wake up, show! THIS IS BORING! And Summer EJ, you were almost too good today even when Nicole totally insulted you, Sami, and your house. This better be going somewhere.

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