Thursday, May 8, 2008

Monday, May 5th, 2008

You know, I was just thinking to myself how much I didn’t miss the police station set. Days, you and your limited budget. And I love how Roman is all supportive here. Remember when he wanted to kill EJ last summer? Ah, good times.

“Well, technically, I suppose I should, but my mother tried to pass me off as another woman’s child blah blah blah…” I love how James just walked forward and sold this, gesturing as if it’s perfectly natural to have this utterly convoluted character history. And Nicole might have just waved to the audience along with the “confusing bit of backstory” remark. Show, why do you tell me about this useless junk and not interesting stuff like how Stefano stole EJ from Susan and Edmund?

EJ stealing Nicole’s food. Ah, yet another sign of what is to come.

“I was locked out of my apartment. Quite a first impression, eh?” Oh, sure, if that had been what actually happened. I find the show’s insistence on needlessly retconning Ejami’s history to be thoroughly entertaining at this point.

“My life completely changed when I met Samantha.” As did this show. You were supposed to be institutionalized or dead months ago, and we were supposed to be full speed ahead Lumi.

“Give me my family ‘cuz I don’t have any other. And I need this one. Please.” That’s right, EJ, your family. Sami and the twins are the only people in the world EJ cares about. He could not be more attached to them, especially to his Samantha.

Oooh, comforting! And in public this time!

Grade: B+. Considering I expected to have to wade through more crap, I’m just glad Immigration Dude backed off from the hard sell here. So, given the boring subject matter, lack of suspense about the eventual outcome, and people not named EJ or Sami in this, not bad, not bad at all. And I always am ready for Ejami hugging.

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