Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday, May 9th, 2008

You know, if I found a mysterious CD in a safe and my memory had been erased, I’d look at it instead of leaving it lying around where anyone could get it. And Philip took it if you watch the promo for the next episode.

“I don’t care how you do it-just do it!” Sure, this is Gray EJ. You just keep telling yourself that.

I really liked Nicole talking about Pookie here. Yes, pets are family members. You can’t get Victor for murder, however. Destruction of property is more like it.

“Was she always this crazy?”
“No, she was crazier.” No, Victor, she was much, much smarter and not a Paris Hilton knock off. I still like Nicole, but this woman might as well be a different character.

You know, I’d like to actually see Pookie, but this was cute. Nicole really cares about her, and EJ did a good job pretending to be actually interested.

“I’m just going to set Nicole’s purse and associated crap on the ground. Sure, there’s clearly a bench behind me, but only Sami gets that extra effort.”

“You have me.”
“Only because I pay you.”
“That’s pathetic, isn’t it?” Summer EJ hits a wall, and out comes Evil EJ to pick up the slack. Talk about a well oiled machine.

“Did you miss a sale at Hookers ‘R Us?” Judging by Nicole’s eyeshadow, I’d have to say no.

I’m glad EJ didn’t just stand here like the last time Sami and Nicole got into it. He’s not a passive guy.

“She is playing you. Why can’t you see that?” He does. This is the plan, not that he can tell you about it. And I love how it suddenly got dark instantly. I’d compare this part to a bad horror movie, but honestly, this happens on television shows of all stripes quite a bit. Whatever the plot wants, the plot gets.

The best part of this was Sami pulling in EJ and EJ letting her do so. He’s playing this so well.

Grade: A-. Sami really impressed me with her genuine emotional display here. She’s finally letting her love for EJ out. And I have to say, switching off between Evil EJ and Summer EJ is highly entertaining. I thoroughly enjoy the juxtaposition and hope the tag team continues.

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