Saturday, March 1, 2008

Friday, February 29th, 2008

First glitter, now whiteness everywhere. Good Ejami, you are trying my patience.

It’s the gray longsleeved t-shirt with the electric orange piping! Sweet!

I’d complain about this outfit, but it’s obvious Ali was sick when they shot this. I hope she’s feeling better.

“So where’d you go to law school, EJ?”
“Why, online, of course. And let’s pretend that we don’t need a separate annulment for the Church because that would be distracting, eh?”

Dude, I almost fell into a coma trying to listen to this. And it didn’t even make any sense with the boring lawyer saying that Stefano already axed EJ from his will and then John later remarking “I'm sure the old man would have cut you out eventually.” PROOFREAD YOUR WORK, DAYS.

“Did he, now? That's interesting. I wasn't aware that my father was dead.” And “I think my biggest mistake was telling Marlena, actually, that you were alive and letting her know where she could find you. Anyway, you can thank me for that later.” Ah, how nice to see you, Gray EJ! And dark gray at that. Tell Evil EJ I say hi.

Grade: Gray EJ A, Sami exempted, Ejami B, rest C.

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